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 Юридические услугиCompany SOYAConsulting renders professional legal services. Appealing to our company, you will be able at any time to get all answers for your questions of your business, jurisprudences, and also legal help of our accredited specialists, professional services of advocate and notary.

Legal services of lawyers suppose the complex decision of arising up difficulties not only. If present question, so, we will find an answer for you. Our company necessarily will find a necessary to you answer for you. Lawyers and advocates of SOYAconsulting develop and carefully prepare the optimal scenarios of possible development of situations, analyse, that could provoke a problem or conflict, study and examine all adding your case documents, develop the chart of future development of events. Professional legal services - it in time given help in business, exit from conflict situations, receipt of actual information and recommendations for that, to accept a correct decision in any situation of life and business.

A company  SOYAconsulting renders legal services of different directions:

1. Tax legal services - a calculation and tax payment, optimization of taxation, determination of duties and defence of rights for taxpayers, prevention of fallouts of taxation, behave after entering into contracts, conduct of examination of actions of tax service and tax audit.

2. Corporate legal services. Organization, reorganization of companies, their liquidation to these questions to which belonging is needed it is necessary with the special attention. A company  "SOYAconsulting" will give help to you in a construction and optimization of holding structures, development of constituent documents, if necessary will control procedure of bankruptcy, transactions related to the questions of absorption and confluence, will advise about in the field of antitrust legislation et cetera

3. Intellectual property. In case if you need to know anymore about defence of the authorial rights allied, and also it is correct to register, use and protect the objects of intellectual property, that good recommendations and legal services from specialists will not prevent you.

4. Real estate. Various transactions the specialists of our company  "SOYAconsulting" can control with lot lands, building and other real estate. They will consult in matters of privatizing, and also ready to assist in the receipt of permission on construction-works.

5. Going into markets. The specialists of company  "SOYAconsulting" will be able to advise about to you and to accompany going of enterprise (small and large) into capital markets. Besides, for clients the grant of help is possible in realization of registration of securities.

6. Economic and commercial right. Legal services in this case consist in the grant of any consultations related to economic activity of firm : accompaniment of foreign trade activity from the legal point of view, work with agreements, advising in the field of a custom, marine and transport right.

More detailed about an economic and commercial right...

7. Criminal law. Presentation of advocate is in consideration of criminal cases.

A company  "SOYAconsulting" offers legal services in a representative office in the trials of any jurisdiction. The specialists of company "SOYAconsulting" carry out a representative office on the criminal cases of both legal and physical entities.

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Юридические услуги

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