In the list of matters of modern department of HR all more tasks appear: development of corporate culture, planning of quarry way, management by corporate communications, creation of the system of tutorship. Speed, with which the former human departments of resources transform in real HR -departments, in fact, revolutionary. And as in any revolution - does not do without extremes. Beginning slowly to perceive a management a personnel as major business-unit, companies remembered about outsourcing,  "And why not to give up the department of personnel quite - let us give all functions of management human capitals to the third persons"? managers was happy. But does the game of candles cost? With this question magazine "Case" appealed to the known trainer, to the expert on a strategic management and author of ten of books to John Von Eiken.

- Today outsourcing in general, and in particular, outsourcing in the field of HR, at all on mouths.  There is a question: during translation of management functions on outsourcing is it needed human capitals to abandon the department of personnel in a company? Will not his employees become by the "dead souls"?

- Do you joke, yes?

- No.

- Strange. How is it possible to call in a question importance of internal department of HR - with outsourcing or without? Moreover, at the use of outsourcing the department of personnel goes out as though on a new height, becomes more serious and professional.

- But all interrupting one another talk about outsourcing of functions of HR! How do you consider, he has the future in Russia?

- Undoubtedly, thus the brilliant future! For the last 10 years in Russia there are surprizing changes in the field of management by a personnel! A question is not in that, whether will get accustomed in Russia of HR -outsourcing, and in that it is exactly needed to "turn", on what it is actually needed to be concentrated to the department of HR.

- From this place more detailed, please!

- Well. Let us begin with determination of outsourcing. That I will say, maybe, sounds not very much scientifically, but exactly reflects essence of instrument : outsourcing is a task, function or zone of responsibility which one company (person) charges to other company (to the person), because does not want, does not can, not able to execute her or considers that this task can efforts of the third persons be executed more effective, quicker, more economical or profitable. And, if to take my determination for basis, becomes obvious, that the Russian companies used outsourcing in HR for providing training, organization of corporate measures, testing and etc. from 1991! I understand that today outsourcing in the field of management is perceived a personnel anymore as organization of his administrative constituent : IT, calculation of salary and other. For simplicity it is possible to designate these functions as HR -administration. I am convinced, that similar functions " to outsourcing" is needed first of all! And I believe that in the near time outsourcing in the field of HR -аdministration will be as never claimed and will begin to develop simply explosive rates!

- by "Explosion" this strong enough word.

- It seems to me that it maximally reflects essence of process. And reasons that great number!

- Would you name a few most important?

- Most important too much. I will give an two examples. Firstly, most functions of HR -аdministration suppose great number of details and routine with which in our century of information technologies a machine can manage much quicker and more effective, allowing not to spend precious human talent on so bore work. Let us look at things really - how to support motivation of employee, which all day long only fills reports, writes certificates, collates the columns of the names and numbers? Secondly, here is an effect "1+1=3": when a company gives a the same favour to a few organizations, it aims to offer more effective instruments and decisions, to save the time and time of customer. And for small companies outsourcing is simply find! It allows to the firm to turn those tasks, on implementation of which It does not have neither financial nor human resources. Outsourcing gives an opportunity to save flexibility and specialization to small business, not nebulized on creation of "providing" subdivisions.

- Is outsourcing this optimal decision only for small business?

- Certainly, it is not! Yes, for small business outsourcing, obviously, is comfortable. But it can large companies substantially facilitate life!

- As, for example?

- I can give an three examples. Firstly, correlation of cost and value. A large company can substantially bring down costs, passing greater part of functions of HR on outsourcing, here getting the relatively best quality and technologies. Secondly, responsibility. For a large company the transmission of responsibility, and - and to the superfluous headache, already can become sufficient motivation. Undoubtedly, in Russia the transmission of responsibility far not always means delivering from problems. It is simply always pleasant to have a man or group of persons which will be responsible for their decision, not requiring the discharge of your own employees. Work with respected and showing oneself a company will allow to you strictly to control results. This chart looks like co-operation of large companies and external public accountant services. And thirdly, it is simplicity. All large organizations today try on a maximum to simplify the too difficult world of corporate communications. And outsourcing of HR -administration allows it to do.

- You said that, besides HR -аdministration, on outsourcing it is needed to pass other functions of this department. And what does remain there? And what coming to engage in to the department of personnel after "complete" outsourcing?

- All is simple - to bring a value! I know, sounds as an empty cliche, but sure that one time the department of HR will be perceived as business-unit, tasks it he must revise and transform from the center of costs in the center of income, id est to bring in a return or value, though and non-material, but obvious.

- Will explain, please!

- Let us begin with a value. Traditionally HR was perceived as providing subdivision, center of costs, financed on an aftertaste however bringing an independent profit, and executing administrative functions. Actually for many directors on HR until now it is not at disposal of not a copeck of budget! And even if it is - they know not always, on what he needs to be spent. And in an order actually to begin to bring a value, it is needed to begin to think as business-unit, to put in the chapter of corner a client! Yes-yes, beginning is needed exactly from it - and then to consider a process upside-down. What a company must do, to bring to the more profit business of client, and that, in turn, the department of personnel must do, to give people, able and capable it to obtain. Shortly speaking, task of department - to find and attract the best people and do them better! Exactly this mood will help to define, what it is exactly needed to occupy to the department of personnel : analyse the necessities of clients and make decision - what the department of HR can help the employees of company to satisfy them at higher level!

- Coming from what you said, and tendencies of the last time how nevertheless does the role of department of personnel and director change after passing to outsourcing?

-  Change it fully obviously : it is a transition from tactical administration to the strategic management - with determination of necessities and to making decision, counted on a long-term prospect.

- And whether there are some rules in relation to that, what functions do need to be transferred on outsourcing, and what - no?

- From my point of view, governed only three. First: " to outsourcing" all is possible, that makes sense "to outsourcing" it is not necessary to be locked in the scopes of the accepted norms. My determination of outsourcing can a reference-point serve here. Second: before to conclude a outsourcing agreement, you will make sure in that you are "consonant" with the chosen company in all possible relations - in fact these relations in a great deal remind corporate "marriage of convenience". And third: will make sure, that at the chosen company enough experience is for that, to execute incumbent to her functions maximally effectively.

- Are there some branch features of outsourcing in the field of HR?

- I confess honestly, waited this question. He is popular so very. And again, to my mind, behaves to the toerrors. Yes, undoubtedly, there are certain technical features of industries, but not they play a key role. A key role is played by experience. I see the so-called experts which are so busy at maintenance of the "expert image" too often, what novelties and changes forget to watch in the profile industry! And an expert "hardening in amber" brilliance is turns out in course of time, and life is not present! Not "status of expert", and his real examination, is important, thus examination actual! That it succeeded to him three years back, not nearly necessarily will be adequate today! And going back to the features of industries - here much more important ability to bring results in the chosen function. Because much more effective to work with an expert in the calculation of salary, which is ready to understand the features of payment of labour of metallurgists, what to teach a metallurgist to wisdoms of book-keeping and technical organization of calculations.

- But as to provide necessary confidentiality of information (for example, at the calculations of salary)?

- Would like to give some hundred-per-cent faithful recommendation to you, and only to guarantee in modern business nothing it is impossible! The pages of newspapers make gaudy scandals with the names of the respected, withstand companies which obtained the trust of clients, and then "something went not so". Only advice can be - take it easy to get married! Will you look closely to fiancee: will talk with clients - are they satisfied, with top-managers - it is needed to trust them, with employees - they are professional? Confidentiality of data is a promise of any company, and that, as far as this promise is truthful - to judge only to you!

- Well, and finally, last question. How to save control above procedures transferrable on outsourcing, and to control their quality?

Control in this case will consist of two major elements:

1. Documents prescribed maximally in detail, containing all substantive provisions and agreements.

2. Clear list (similarly writing) of key indexes of efficiency, and simpler speaking - aims of collaboration, which not only terms specify but also concrete format, terms and quality of the given services.

P.S. In the end I want to give another very important advice: remember, the use of outsourcing allows to the company to grow and develop - so do not allow to your partner on outsourcing to pull you back! Require and from him continuous development - in fact your organization deserves the best practices and technologies only! And then history of your passing to outsourcing will become another history of corporate success - both for you and for a partner!

A source is a magazine "Case".

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