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Chief financial officer


Terms  -  Contract.        Requirements: the Position requirements

Recruiter:  Exercise active search of orders on the selection of personnel, including in regions.Takes over a customer a request on a search and selection necessary to the customer of workers; jointly with a customer formulates requirements to the candidates, makes description of vacant position and description of the required workers; makes the "sociological portrait" of successful candidates on vacant positions and available working spaces, examines vacancies. Renders to the customer of consultation on questions of drafting and filling of questionnaires-requests with that the information fixed in them allowed professionally and in the indicated terms to pick up candidates.Enters into with a customer a contract on providing of consulting services in the questions of selection of personnel. Man-hunts the required candidates on substituting for vacant positions of customer and employment of available working spaces by means of own informative bases, informative bases of labour-market, mass medias, Internet, and also by means of placing of announcements in different informative sources.Produces the psychological and professional selection of candidates on substituting for vacant positions and employment of available working spaces of customer, selection concordantly to the clearly set forth criteria.Accepts and renders an active help to the candidates in drafting of resume.Estimates the business and psychological internalss of candidates, organizes their psychological and professional testing.Informs candidates: - about character, mode, terms of labour on the enterprise of customer;- the qualifying and psychological requirements pulled out by a customer; - the privileges given to the workers of customer;- programs of material and moral encouragement. Gives to the customer of resume of candidates with biographic and qualifying data of candidates.Organizes meeting of customer with the chosen candidates and if necessary takes part in them.Agrees about a place, time and another terms of final interview of customer with candidates.Settles the vexed questions on the search of compromise between the desired requirements of customer and actual internalss of candidates.Carries out on the separate request of customer the search of candidates among the specialists of middle and more subzero link, working on other enterprises. Provides creation of database on a labour-market (receipt, introduction, treatment, analysis, classification, estimation, collation and storage of information), coordinates extraction and use of information from bases given.Forms the bank of these vacancies and available working spaces, and also candidates on substituting for vacant positions and employment of available working spaces.Renders to the customer consulting services:- in decision of skilled problems;- management problems by a personnel;- to realization of training; are attestations of personnel;Assists development of career of appealings competitors by a grant to them new possibilities.



A chief accountant is  a salary of 8000grn.  Experience no less than 5. Obligatory experience is in building. Higher economic education. Sure user: 1с Book-keeping, package of softwares of Microsoft office (Excel, Word), skills of work with an office office equipment. There is knowledge of normatively-legal acts in area of taxation, accounting, labour. Оrientation in commercial law. Ukrainian language proficiency.

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