A representative office of advocate is in criminal cases.

A legal company SOYAconsulting offers legal services in a representative office in the court of any jurisdiction.

Lawyer, advocate of legal company SOYAconsulting carry out a representative office on criminal cases both physical and legal entities.

In all legal company SOYAconsulting employees besides the advocates specialized on a criminal law there are on the whole :

  • an advocate in matters about thefts (theft, robbery, robbery, ...);
  • an advocate in matters about causing of bodily harms;
  • an advocate in matters about murders;
  • an advocate in matters about post crimes;
  • an advocate on tax businesses.

The tasks of criminal trial is a guard of rights and legal interests of physical and legal persons which take participation, and also rapid and complete opening of crimes, exposing of guilty and providing of correct application of Law with that, that each, who committed crime, was brought to the account and the no guilty was punished.

Representative office in a court on criminal cases the next stages enter, as a rule:

  •        a representative office in the organs of pre-trial investigation (militia, office of public prosecutor, SSU);
  •        a study of materials of criminal case;
  •        drafting of аppeal complaint (аppeal);
  •        drafting of cassation (cassations);
  •        drafting of civil action;
  •        drafting of review on a civil action;
  •        presentation of interests of civil plaintiff;
  •        presentation of interests of civil defendant;
  •        a representative office in district (municipal) court;
  •        a representative office in a аppeal court (appeal court);
  • a representative office in Supreme Court of Ukraine (court of cassation).

Lawyers, advocates of legal company "" SOYAconsulting", have a large experience in providing of legal services in presentation of interests in courts.

One of common of cases on which legal services come true in a representative office in courts there are:

  •        businesses about murder;
  •        businesses about a theft (theft, robbery, robbery, ...);
  •        put on economic crimes;
  •        put on tax crimes (avoiding tax payment, ...);
  •        businesses about causing of bodily harms.

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