Company SOYAconsulting gives complete spectrum of services in custom registration of the imported and export loads on all ТГО of the Kyiv regional custom, in the Power regional custom, in the Kyiv regional custom, in an airport Boryspil and services express of delivery of DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx, EMS, Укрпочта et cetera

Our custom services are not limited to standard declaration of loads on a custom. The custom brokers of SOYAconsulting constantly watch all changes in a customs legislation, and always ready to consult (or to warn) You about forthcoming changes and new possibilities at custom registration. If you will appeal to us on the initial stage of preparation of delivery - we will check and will correct all concomitant to delivery documents (contracts, specifications, formalities of invoices et cetera), thus we will extend Your rights and possibilities at customs clearance, and we will deliver from superfluous questions outside ... from every quarter.

In respect of standard procedures there are registrations - our brokers operatively will accredit Your Company on a custom (a list of necessary for accreditation documents is in a division "Useful information"), will pick up correct custom codes of commodities, will inform you about duties, excises (if there is) and all other payments and collections, necessary for the customs clearance of supplied with a load. You beforehand will own all necessary information for quiet, successful passing of department of "tariffs" and department of "nomenclature" on a custom. You will know about Your forthcoming delivery all, even before it started.

Custom-broker services are this also passing a few from the enumerated further permissive instances preceding to every custom registration : sanepidem service, ecology, radiology, fitoquarantine, utilization of container, gemology, energy-savings, export control etc. Something subject to the certification, something to the quota and licensing. Our custom brokers passed these formalities repeatedly, all little things and nuances know. On occasion it will be needed to get more documents and information from Your foreign partners, more frequent - you will not even notice that we have such thing, as untariff adjusting. In any case we all prepare beforehand and get a positive result.

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