Concept "command" very common. If to appeal to the electronic dictionary of terms, then we will see that a noun a "command" interpreting as a "group of people, working together, co-operating". It is impossible to mix up a "command" with a "group". A word "group" means the association of people on aims or interests. By an example the club of soccer fanaticisms or group of theatergoers can serve that. Command is not simply group of people. It is a group acting together with the purpose of achievement of results, to which everybody aspires from a group. Command potential is much higher than potential of group or individual efforts. Due to this potential the most ordinary project being on verge of crash can give brilliant results. Work in a command allows to use efforts, skills, capabilities and creative possibilities all, who participates in a project. A command gives an opportunity to work together, operating here flexibly and effectively. For this reason for the achievement of success it is necessary to understand during realization of project, how to pick up a good command and as correct to manage.



Signs of command of project

As be said higher, for a management any project on the period of his realization is create the specific temporal organizational structure headed the leader of project. In a due form the command of project reflects the existent organizational structure of management a project, division of functions, duties and responsibility for made decision in the process of his realization. There is a manager of project at top level of structure, and on lower are performers, departments and specialists, responsible for separate functional spheres. On maintenance a command of project is a group of specialists of high qualification, possessing knowledge and skills, necessary for the effective achievement of aims of project. A basic strategic factor of creation and activity of project command is realization of project is the protracted enterprise, possessing the enhanceable stake of risk and subject to the permanent changes. Therefore the special description of project command is the enterprise character of activity, sent to the decision of the semistructured tasks and rapid reacting on the requirements of external environment and changing terms of realization of project.

Composition of command of project

The process of teambuilding it is accepted to examine as formation of single, integral collective of managers, capable effectively to gain end project. Command co-operation of personnel allows to increase the administrative labour productivity on 70-80%. The command of project is created by the leader of project - legal entity- by a customer. The task of leader of project at forming of command is a selection of members commands which would provide:

  • accordance of quantitative and high-quality composition of command to the aims and requirements of project;
  • effective group work on a management by a project;
  • psychological compatibility of command members and creation of active stimulant "in-project" culture;
  • the unfolded in-group commonunication and making of optimal group decisions of problems arising up during a realization project.

The leader of project appoints the manager of project, carrying out common guidance a project, supervisory his basic parameters and coordinating activity of command members. The manager of project from approval of leader determines the necessary number of specialists - command members, their qualification, selects and renting of workers. A command "skeleton" is made permanent members - developers of project. To itself in helpers they can attract the specialists of interesting them areas.

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