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Here and it is time to reveal to the employer that a deserving candidature appeared on substituting for his vacancy. Certainly, it is possible to call and straight declare about it. But, firstly, in announcing vacancies a pin telephone is specified not always, and secondly, it is today accepted at first to send the resume (which is yet named by Curriculum Vitae).

Before to proceed to drafting of resume, it is important clearly to imagine, for what you do it, which aims of his writing are. Task of employer - getting your resume, to understand as far as you answer the pulled out criteria and whether it is necessary in general to invite you on interview or interview for a further acquaintance. Therefore, how many forces do not inlay in creation of resume, a function it has one - to interest an employer your candidature

Covering letter

Drafting of resume it is necessary to begin with a covering letter.

Actually resume

Aim of resume - in a short and easy to understand form to carry to the employer information about a candidate, his education, experience, skills, interests, capabilities and, certainly, motivation. It is a "visiting-card" on the basis of which an employer has the first impression about a candidate. It is so important therefore, that a man after an acquaintance with a resume has the good, positive feeling.

As a rule, a resume is begun with pointing of the personal data : the name and last name, academic rank (if any), year and birth-place, nationality, religion and marital status (if it relates to work). An address and pin data follow further. For looking for a job it is abroad possible to specify nationality, and also type of permission on work.

Description of "labour way", which usually consists of enumeration of the got education, follows then, experience and other activity, relating to the desired work. Usually these information is assorted in the chronologic order, and can be situated both in ascenting and on a decrease: either begun with school and end with experience or - from experience, ending with education.

But there are hundreds of possibilities to give up these standards, do differently, more individually. Whether such resume will be effective - to decide however to us, and to the employer.

However, it is impossible to forget about giant corporations and agencies on the selection of personnel, working by system of "large brother". Hundreds and thousands of resumes which at first transfer in an electronic format and save in the databases act to them, that then, using difficult algorithms, automatically to choose the best candidates. Therefore a man which is responsible for the entry of data in a computer will always advise: "What standart, so much the better. And then will aim "flourishes" - tortured to collect" them!"

Usually in a department on the personnel of large bank or insurance company every day acts hundreds of resume. An employee which day after day during many years does the same work on sorting sits here. What her reaction will be on a "novelty" - it unknown. All very individually, subjectively, depends on a man and his mood.

At drafting of biography it is necessary to come not from general rules, and from own aims, accenting attention on one or another facts. For example, if experience small, but there is good education, then it is needed at first to specify exactly it, what will strike the eyes. And if there is large experience, then it is better to give mind exactly thereon, and to leave education in the end.

If you already after 40, you possess imposing working experience and labour achievements, is it needed to paint primary education? Maybe, it will be better limited to mention of Institution of higher learning or school, and also subsequent additional trade education. In fact from a good specialist expect that he promotes the professional level constantly, but not limited to the receipt of diploma 15-20 back.

At description of school education it is possible to specify the name of school, type and duration of educating.

Higher education: faculty, separation, scientific direction, name of university and got document about education. It is also needed to mention the passed practice, advanced studies and researches, deeply studied disciplines and theme of diploma work or dissertation.

Vocational training: the name of organization educating passed in which, with pointing of location and got document.

Description of experience : position (it is possible with short description) with pointing of places and periods of work.

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