SOYAconsulting offers:

PROFESSIONAL SELECTION OF PERSONNEL on technology of "Recruiting of complete cycle"

it gives to the toclient such GUARANTEES:

1. A necessary specialist will be found for sure.

2. A vacancy will be closed in time.

3. Requirements will be observed maximally exactly.

Some principles and terms:

»Our aim - to give services of the highest quality, give an opportunity to the leading firms and the best professionals to find each other, to assist the same them success.

»Any information got a client from our company, and also by us from an organization-client is considered strictly confidential.

»Proceeding to the prosecution of order, we study all requirements and details attentively, trying to look at every potential candidate the eyes of our client. In the process of selection of top-managers we study a market, necessities and wishes to the salary of such specialists, we give to recommending a client about the state of level of salaries and co-ordinate terms with every candidate individually.

»We value time of customer and give to him only the carefully selected candidates: for closing of vacancy 3 candidates are usually enough.

»95% candidates accepted on work on our recommendation successfully pass a trial period and continue to work in company.

»On the candidates accepted on work from our agency, a guarantee is given on a term from 3 to 6 months (depending on position), during which we are ready to replace the employee chosen by you free of charge.

»Agency aspires to establishment of relations of long duration collaboration with the customers, as the repeated orders from permanent clients make near a 70% general volume of work of agency.

»If you on a strange coincidence did not work with us yet, let us try! Will please you. The same as and to other our clients.

»During six months after ordering fulfillment we do not examine all working employees of company-customer as subjects for enticement.

In the work we follow: by the "Standards of quality of services in the selection of personnel" and by the Ethic code

We apply the wide spectrum of search of candidates :

-  Search own database

-  Placing of announcements and advertisement of vacancies in media.

-  Active and passive search of candidates in Internet

-  Search through partner agencies  and through it

- Representatives in regions

-  Search in social networks

Basic methods of estimation and selection of candidates

-  Preliminary analysis of documents and summary.

- Telephone interview

- Detailed personal interview on technologies of structured, project or CASE -interview; estimation of accordance to the requirements of customer; exposure of motivation and loyalty of candidate;

-  Collection and estimation of reviews and recommendations

-  Psychoactivator and/or testing of candidates (if necessary)

-  Comparative analysis of all information and selection of final candidates with the use of methodology of CBA (Selection on competenses) .

- Organization of meeting of candidates with Customer (maybe in our office) .

-  Estimation of propensity to the thefts and abuses, at will of client

About the cost of services :

1. Suggestion on concrete labour costs is done by an agency after the study of request on the selection of personnel and her working with customer. As a rule, a cost of services in the selection of personnel is 14-18% the supposed annual earnings of the sought after specialist.Топ managers to 25%.

2. At determination of cost works are taken into account :

-  complication of productive tasks and requirements to the candidates, limitations in a search; attractiveness of company, offered work and her payment for candidates;

-  methods of search, which can be effective on this order;

-  a volume and success of preceding experience with this customer;

- exclusivity order and stage of payment

-  an amount / rareness of such specialists at the market of labour;

3. Payment of services takes (at choice Customer) place on one of charts :

а) 50% + 50% (preferably)

b) by agreement

4. In the cost of services plugged:

-  an estimation of terms of ordering fulfillment and advising of customer;

-  a search of candidates, placing of announcing vacancies in MASS-MEDIA;

-  an estimation and selection of candidates; advising of customer on the recommended candidates and payment of labour;

-  a guarantee of free replacement of worker in case of unpassing by him trial (warranty) period

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