General information

SOYAconsulting is the Ukrainian company, having representative offices in Moscow, Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, being an expert in area of management consulting, investment consulting, coaching and legal services. Our aim consists of help to the firms to decide standing before them tough questions. To that end we give to them own experience in the decision of similar questions, front-rank technologies, and also expert knowledge (our and from the leading known developers). As a result of our collaboration with a client, he gets useful information and changes, prepared decisions and inculcated technologies etc. As a result, we increase the cost of companies of the clients and give help to them in the achievement of high ambitious aims.

From the moment of founding a company SOYAconsulting adhered to principle "Effectiveness and caring about interests of client". Effectiveness means that expenses on consulting must be recompensed for a customer (good, if repeatedly). A criterion of effectiveness is a return from investments in a personnel and organizational changes. SOYAconsulting is oriented on the achievement of obvious and here long-term result - increases of cost of company of customer. Caring about interests of client - it, foremost sincere respect and interest in him, desire to understand his necessities. A company SOYAconsulting aims to give to every customer that really needs him. This principle is the basis of all partner relations. Due to the following the principles, SOYAconsulting purchased reputation of firm giving high-quality services.

Key destiny of SOYAconsulting

We increase the market value of companies-clients due to development of their strategy and key personnel.

We develop people and organizations which aim to become the best, aim to become champions. SOYAconsulting is a trainer of champions.

Key values of SOYAconsulting

  • Effectiveness
  • Caring about interests of client
  • Deep respect to the people
  • Tireless aspiration to surpass itself and competitors
  • Teamwork
  • Tutorship

Why do clients choose us?

Choice, quite often, business difficult. Choice of specialist, whose recommendations will influence on Your business - business is difficult and responsible double.

There are a few reasons on which clients prefer to work with SOYAconsulting:

  • Clients feel the sincere caring about the interests.
  • Our projects bring perceptible financial results. An aim of our work is a long-term financial return for a client. We measure the success this.
  • Front-rank technologies. We acquire and adopt the most perfect technologies of world level
  • We are practices. Our principle is less nonsensical theories, more reality and the real benefit. We are not limited to the conclusions of type "it - badly, and it - well"; we offer, that it is concretely needed to do. On results work of SOYAconsulting clients get the prepared decisions; documents which can be here started in work; reasonable conclusions and estimations about people, applied methods, approaches etc.
  • We strictly adhere to the values and business ethics. The main for us is effectiveness and caring about interests of client.


SOYAconsulting was promoted in 2000.

Solid business experience of founder SOYAconsulting Obiednina Sergeya Dmitrievicha  helped to decide this task, and also allowed to communicate on equal with the leaders of companies-clients. Since coaching  -  the individual advising of client - firmly included in the arsenal of SOYAconsulting.

On the border of millenniums development of our clients and increase of their requirements to professionalism of consultants put before SOYAconsulting a question about specialization. And we made decision concentrated on those directions of consulting, in which we can provide blameless quality and the best result for a client.

Now SOYAconsulting is specialized at work on the management consulting, investment consulting, legal services and coaching. In these directions we sharpen the examination, acquire technologies, teach and certify the consultants.

How to begin work with us

Not always it is simple to do the first step.

Maybe, we can be to each other useful. Maybe, we will become the real partners. But to understand it, it is needed to become acquainted!

You can call to us now. We with pleasure will discuss interesting you issues by phone. And if you have possibility, we will be glad to meet with you. It can be both the real presentation and informal meeting.

During such meeting will we be able to discuss - what tasks you want to decide with our help? Where did these tasks appear from? What result do you want to obtain on results our joint work?

From the side, we are ready to describe to you the vision of methods of decision the set problem and to tell the decisions of analogical tasks about experience.

How solutions are born

We decide tasks.

We are deeply convinced, that the real benefit can be got only then, when a task standing before a client decides in a complex.  It is needed correctly to define WHAT to do, it is correct to define HOW to do, and then - it is correct to do it. A failure on any stage is a failure in the decision of all task.

Therefore we do not engage in the "sale of consulting services". Rendering such "favour" it is possible to take off the symptoms of problem or obtain a brief effect. But we aim to decide a task at system level. We look at business, as on the difficult system, where made decision taking into account many "variables".

What does distinguish our decisions?

  • First of all, we are aimed at a decision must bring a perceptible of long duration benefit.
  • We create such decisions which are applicable in this company in these terms. In particular, our decisions are adapted under the specific of company of client (take into account her culture, experience, and also qualification and other features of leaders and key personnel).
  • We come from that a task must decide not on the basis of guess-work and subjective opinions, and after the careful analysis of facts. Therefore we usually set to work from diagnostics.

On this basis, we help a client, firstly, to analyse existent position of his company. Secondly, - to put correct aims on the future to define how them it is necessary to arrive at. Thirdly, we help to influence the business processes of company so, that they corresponded to the put plans.

Diagnostics of company


Shots decide everything. Any project is begun with the analysis of management personnel.

For this purpose information gathers about a current situation in a company (system of strategic management, corporate culture, organizational structure, system of operative management, control system by a personnel).

Thus aim of diagnostics - not to "surprise" a client, not to show to the proprietors and top-managers something a new, what they before did not know about the company, and to find and show to the way of development.

Diagnostics gives a system look to business and his problems. As a rule, with diagnostic any complex consulting project is begun: only on the basis of results of diagnostics it is possible to make decision about the necessity of project and its maintenance.

Depending on the necessities of client diagnostics can be conducted with the different degree of depth. In one cases is the general review of the state of business. In other is the detailed analysis of every aspect of activity of company (strategies, commerces, managements by a personnel etc).

Results of project

A client gets an analyst report about a current situation in a company. In a report there are answers for next questions:

§ On what interested groups is it possible to lean at development of company? As far as are these groups strong and loyal?

§ As far as is a strategic management well put by a company?

§ Which is the state of corporate culture in a company?

§ As far as are basic business processes (commerce, logistic, corporate finances, management by a personnel, IT -providing et cetera) effective? Within the framework of diagnostics the shallow estimation of business processes is executed. Their detailed analysis if necessary is conducted within the framework of consulting projects.

§ As far as is the existent organizational structure of company (accordance of situation and to the aims, functional plenitude et cetera) effective?

§ As far as is the personnel of company explained? Is there a reliable command in a company?

§ What does restrain development of company? What is it necessary to undertake first of all, to improve position?

§ What order is it necessary to decide tasks standing before guidance of company In?

A client gets practical recommendations on the improvement of strategic position of company. Information collected during diagnostics, it is possible to use for realization of consulting project, or for realization of independent changes.


1. Research

Consultants conduct an interview with proprietors, leaders, key employees and clients of company. Analyse documentation, reflecting work of company. A report prepares on results diagnostics.

2. Report

A report on diagnostics understands with a client in detail. Consultants present and ground the conclusions and recommendations.

Format of work

Collection and analysis of documents, interview, presentation

Calendar duration

3-4 weeks

Diagnostics can be conducted with the different degree of working out in detail. Duration of diagnostics is indicated with the least detailed.

Our command

Obiednin Sergey Dmitrievich - director. Coach: business-coaching, quarry coaching, life-coaching.

Obiednina Yana Sergeevna - manager. Leader of projects. Investment consulting, actuary, financial analyst.

Starovoitov Igor Vasilievich - manager. Leader of projects. Management consulting.


Roslik Nikita Aleksandrovich - lawyer. Leader of projects. Legal services. Testifying to the right on carrying on advocate activity № 3355 from 29.05.2008г. Kyiv municipal qualificatory-disciplinary commission of advocacy.


Our clients


Kyiv      ТОВ "Київагропромпостач" is a grant of services in agriculture.

Kyiv       ПП "Компания"Тотем" is planning, editing and maintenance of communication, safety and guard complexes networks.

Kyiv       ПП "СОЯбуд" is architecture, building.

Kyiv        LTD. "Клинкер-Буд Украина" is a wholesale by build materials.

Kyiv     LTD. "Конструкт групп" is repair of main gas pipelines and knots of gas account.

Kyiv region Borodyanka -   "Борекс" is a production of power-shovels, agricultural technique.

Zhytomyr   ОАО  "Верстатунііверсалмаш" is a production  of automats, semi-automatic devices, automatic transfer lines, woodworking machine-tools, equipment for packing of food foods, equipment  and repair parts for agriculture.

Vinnytsya  ТОВ "Бар-ком" is a wholesale by food stuffs.

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