КоучингCoaching are not discipling and advices, not educating and not advising. Coaching is founded, foremost, on questions which, coach sets to the client. Trying to answer the questions of coach, a client can newly look at the state of affairs, find a decision, sometimes absolutely unexpected, to educe the hidden possibilities about which before and unaware.

Besides, coaching is actual style of management by the state in business. Management, being base on coaching gives an opportunity to obtain far greater results, than widespread enough in our time directive style of guidance. Application of coaching gives an opportunity substantially to increase effectiveness of work of employees, on a maximum use their potential possibilities in behalf of business, to increase their motivation. Coaching substantially facilitates delegation of plenary powers and considerably saves business hours.

Coaching people obtaining in this life of certain goals call usually, however here wish to attain greater heights yet. Apply, because wish to promote the own efficiency, quality of life, to find the decision of some concrete tasks or obtain greater balance, that absolutely naturally for a modern man. And for these aims of coaching befits the best of all.

Undoubtedly, coaching is a not panacea. In case if a client does not wish to change something in the life, that coach how hardly will be able to help him. Coach, foremost, follows by interest of client, and if such is not present, coaching can not be. Coaching helps those, who wishes and ready to the positive changes in the life. It is effective for those, who is ready to undertake some actions for the achievement of the aim. And coaching is really effective here.

4 stages of coaching

Four basic stages of coaching : forming of aim, verification of reality, thinking over of ways of achievement and, directly, achievement (it is named the stage of will too).

Coaching differs from other types of advising that, that is here done rate on realization of possibilities of client.

Types of coaching

Виды коучингаCoaching is classified on an application domain: business-coaching, quarry coaching, life-oaching, and also coaching of own efficiency. Quarry coaching name as a quarry advising which plugs in itself the estimation of competenses, professional possibilities, choice of way of further development, realization of consultations on planning of career, accompaniment in looking for a job and etc.

Business-coaching is oriented to organization of search of the most effective ways on the achievement of aims of company. Work is thus conducted with the commands of employees and separate leaders of company.

Life-coaching is base on individual going near a man work of which is aimed at the improvement of his life in all areas (mutual relations, self-appraisal, health).

Also coaching is classified on participants: individual coaching, group (corporate) coaching.

On a format - internal (fotocoaching, personal coaching and extra-mural (telephone coaching, internet-coaching) types of coaching.

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