Here and it is time to reveal to the employer that a deserving candidature appeared on substituting for his vacancy. Certainly, it is possible to call and straight declare about it. But, firstly, in announcing vacancies a pin telephone is specified not always, and secondly, it is today accepted at first to send the resume (which is yet named by Curriculum Vitae).

Before to proceed to drafting of resume, it is important clearly to imagine, for what you do it, which aims of his writing are. Task of employer - getting your resume, to understand as far as you answer the pulled out criteria and whether it is necessary in general to invite you on interview or interview for a further acquaintance. Therefore, how many forces do not inlay in creation of resume, a function it has one - to interest an employer your candidature


Covering letter

Drafting of resume it is necessary to begin with a covering letter.

Actually resume

Aim of resume - in a short and easy to understand form to carry to the employer information about a candidate, his education, experience, skills, interests, capabilities and, certainly, motivation. It is a "visiting-card" on the basis of which an employer has the first impression about a candidate. It is so important therefore, that a man after an acquaintance with a resume has the good, positive feeling.

As a rule, a resume is begun with pointing of the personal data : the name and last name, academic rank (if any), year and birth-place, nationality, religion and marital status (if it relates to work). An address and pin data follow further. For looking for a job it is abroad possible to specify nationality, and also type of permission on work.

Description of "labour way", which usually consists of enumeration of the got education, follows then, experience and other activity, relating to the desired work. Usually these information is assorted in the chronologic order, and can be situated both in ascenting and on a decrease: either begun with school and end with experience or - from experience, ending with education.

But there are hundreds of possibilities to give up these standards, do differently, more individually. Whether such resume will be effective - to decide however to us, and to the employer.

However, it is impossible to forget about giant corporations and agencies on the selection of personnel, working by system of "large brother". Hundreds and thousands of resumes which at first transfer in an electronic format and save in the databases act to them, that then, using difficult algorithms, automatically to choose the best candidates. Therefore a man which is responsible for the entry of data in a computer will always advise: "What standart, so much the better. And then will aim "flourishes" - tortured to collect" them!"

Usually in a department on the personnel of large bank or insurance company every day acts hundreds of resume. An employee which day after day during many years does the same work on sorting sits here. What her reaction will be on a "novelty" - it unknown. All very individually, subjectively, depends on a man and his mood.

At drafting of biography it is necessary to come not from general rules, and from own aims, accenting attention on one or another facts. For example, if experience small, but there is good education, then it is needed at first to specify exactly it, what will strike the eyes. And if there is large experience, then it is better to give mind exactly thereon, and to leave education in the end.

If you already after 40, you possess imposing working experience and labour achievements, is it needed to paint primary education? Maybe, it will be better limited to mention of Institution of higher learning or school, and also subsequent additional trade education. In fact from a good specialist expect that he promotes the professional level constantly, but not limited to the receipt of diploma 15-20 back.

At description of school education it is possible to specify the name of school, type and duration of educating.

Higher education: faculty, separation, scientific direction, name of university and got document about education. It is also needed to mention the passed practice, advanced studies and researches, deeply studied disciplines and theme of diploma work or dissertation.

Vocational training: the name of organization educating passed in which, with pointing of location and got document.

Description of experience : position (it is possible with short description) with pointing of places and periods of work.

It is possible also to specify:

  • additional trade education;
  • additional education, courses;
  • another knowledge and capabilities;
  • foreign languages;
  • possession a computer;
  • a driving certification;
  • a hobby and fascinations;
  • public and, maybe, political activity.

It is necessary very attentively to take away additional information, not specifying in a resume everything in succession. Does not cost, for example, to mention about the courses of cutting and sewing (or only in the division of "hobby"), if you are interested in work in technical areas. And if your future work is related to the children or enhanceable stress, then mentions about the intensive going in for sports, due to which you support a wonderful physical form and good spirits, will be by the way.

Meet on clothes!

Visual touch-controls and memory - most rapid for a man. Thought is arranged so, that when we see a new man, our brain "on habit" offers an associative row from which we choose suitable "scopes" : good - bad, kind - wicked, clever - foolish.

A photo of candidate is in a resume - first, that strikes the eyes, it is a filament which links him and employer. Pleasant impression - here, that after viewing must abandon a resume on the whole and photo individually.

Creative approach

That does worry an employer looking over a next resume? He searches the interested man! He is interested by a desire to work, aspiration to labour for concrete results, maybe, presence of healthy ambitions.

Therefore beginning to the resume is necessary from a personality portrait. Successfully to describe itself simply enough, if to answer three questions: Who? That? Why?

WHO? For an answer for this question is it necessary to go back to the analysis of requirements and personality strategy, in which answers were already given for such questions: "As I characterize itself as a specialist? What do I wait from the career? Which is my motivation?"

WHAT? For an answer for this question it is necessary attentively to re-read maintenance of vacancy, write the list of requirements which are produced by an employer. If it is required to increase the volume of sales, support all office work in the mode of "business in the order", to be a command "heart", that is it needed to try to answer a question: "Which my contribution will be to activity of this company, if I will be taken on work?"

WHY?  An answer for this question covered also in the personal strategy: "Why did I choose this area and this company" exactly?"

It is now necessary once again to look over a geared-up "standard" resume and answer next questions:

- How comfortably is biography structured? How easily is a resume read?

- Is it possible to look over a resume for 2 minutes and know everything about the level of education and presence of experience?

- Is the line of business clear at previous work?

- How evidently, which was an area of distribution of responsibility at previous work?

- Are achievements, previous job performances visible?

It is thus necessary constantly to think of successful formulations in description of working duties and their accordance of future position. Herein the attentive reading of description of working duties can help from the interesting announcing vacancies.

It is necessary to work above a resume, while there will not be positive answers for these questions. Eventually, a resume must turn out so clear and clear for an employer, as for you is a vacancy which you apply on. Turn intent attention on the used formulations.

For sharpening of formulations it is recommended to do next work:

- to pick up in the found vacancies a few descriptions of working duties in accordance with the personal strategy of search;

- to take away from them those, that it was already necessary to execute;

- to analyse, what additional internalss can be important for hired, to try to find them in own experience. To describe them;

- to set forth these internalss and experience as possible nearer to the requirements of employer, not losing the personal additional dignities and other valuable skills and abilities.

It is important correct to place accents in a resume, to choose from the personal experience and education those moments which in the aggregate would create feeling of progressive advance of career, gradual accumulation of experience and specialization in a the same area. Something can be not even mentioned for this purpose, and to expose something most full.

However, sometimes placing accents is necessary differently, to look "touring" able quickly to adapt oneself in different areas and labour for the best results. All depends on a concrete vacancy.

In addition, it is more reasonable for every vacancy to do a separate resume, placing accents on those internalss and experience, which interesting for an employer first of all. For example, in a resume for a vacancy in a financial sphere it is not nearly needed to inscribe experience a manager on the sales of office equipment, and it is possible to specify experience of budgeting, financial statements, even if financial functions were 5-10% from all activity.

Before to seal up an envelope, it is needed to check, in what order papers are built: at first covering letter, after resume and added copies of documents in a that sequence which is indicated in a corresponding list. Them it is also possible to put in the special plastic folder. In order that the sent documents were not rumpled and looked neatly after delivery, it is better to use the large envelope of format of А4.

If a letter leaves by e-mail, then it is very important, as the used template looks for letters. A type must be read, colors - to cause positive emotions, and signature - to be clear and to contain all necessary pin information.

Happened, that a man was invited on an interview only because his resume dashed in eyes, differed from other. Do not be afraid to experiment and express itself, be afraid of grayness and standardness. Main to remember: a good resume is an effective resume. Your aim - to get on an interview!


To the forthcoming interview will profit to prepare the list of recommendations on a separate sheet and not plug them in maintenance of resume. Besides it conforms to the requirements about defence of private information. It is possible to specify in text of resume, that at a necessity recommendation will be given.

It is very important to prepare professional recommendations. For this purpose it is necessary to know beforehand, whether former guidance or colleagues can to give necessary information. It is enough to specify the coordinates of two persons which are ready to introduce the former employee.

If the last years you were an employer or businessman, then it is possible to specify recommendations of your clients, partners, suppliers etc. And if it is the first work, that as recommendations it is possible to bring recommendations over of teachers or chancellor of university.

Spontaneous resume

So name a short resume consisting up of one page and pair of accompanying lines. It is sent in reply to a vacancy on purpose to interest an employer, with a further grant in case of necessity of more complete information.

It is a good method to come into a notice, "probe soil", before to send the complete set of resume. However in this case as never an important role is played by the level of his preparation. Important, that maintenance of spontaneous resume maximally conformed to the requirements of employer. All formulations must be so exact, that no doubts were in that, whether this candidate befits or no. Therefore preparing such express-form of resume is necessary very patiently and main - individually.

This method befits, when you have work already, and you regularly watch change at the market of labour. It is thus possible to reveal to the potential employer about the interest in this vacancy.

To "you letter"!

So, to reveal to the employer about the desire to occupy a vacancy it is possible in several ways: to send documents mail ordinary or electronic, handwritten to deliver them straight to address.

Certainly, neatly executed materials, delivered by ordinary mail, produce the deserving impression and obligate to give some answer even. In case of refuse in some countries it is accepted to direct materials back, but so not all companies act.

It is thus necessary to take into account that the use implies corresponding charges postal services: purchase of envelopes, postage stamps and paper, registration, printing. Besides it requires more than time additional work. May need some time, that a letter was delivered to address yet.

All more firms renounce paper correspondence in behalf on electronic. Sometimes an employer specially asks to send documents ordinary mail or does not specify an electronic address. If it is indicated, that to send a resume and accompanying documents on e - mail more preferably. It is special topically for those, who looks for a job abroad. In fact the cost of dispatch of ordinary letter in this case is high enough, and time of delivery can be measured by weeks.

Attached documents in an electronic letter must be in the most popular formats: MS Word (*.doc), Rich Text Format (*.rtf), Portable Document Format (*.pdf). Sometimes in text of vacancy or announcement the direct pointing stands on a certain format in which it is necessary to send documents.

Important, that the general volume of documents did not occupy much place. Although modern postal systems and allow to take across the large volumes of data, it will be better however, if the general size of the sent files does not exceed 300-500 kB. Besides there always is possibility to "send" on necessary documents.

When I directed documents in "Credit Suisse Group", then was very interested in work. Therefore I rang up the next day and asked whether got my electronic letter with fastened pdf -files. Secretary answered: "Very well, that you called. For us lately frequent failures with an e-mail in connection with replacement of software". She asked, that I, just in case, deported all documents a letter on her name.

It is necessary to imagine how a process of selection is. On every announcing vacancy 50 answers come in a day on the average. Thus employee processing coming resumes, during a day engages in not only this. Therefore the most rapid method to "become" acquainted with a candidate, know, whether he befits, is to look over a few introductory lines of covering letter and open a file with the added resume or read a covering letter, for example, to know, whether a candidate included there additional information.

A "complete package" is a resume, covering letter and copies of documents about education, experience and qualification - it is needed to send only then, when it is straight indicated in announcement and is a necessary requirement.

In text of resume in a company determine at once, whether there is sense to continue to socialize with a candidate and farther. And if necessary can ask to bring all certificates and diplomas on first interview.

Certainly, always better at once to send all documents and present itself the most advantageous character. In any case additional materials will be studied already after reading of resume, therefore exactly it must most full present a candidate: his working skills and, on possibility, short personality portrait.

To pass documents in hands it is not possible usually an employer. True, it is possible to visit a company and ask a secretary to direct an envelope or folder in the human department" of "resources. All other variants - to come from a street and declare about itself - does not simply work!

If a company is interested in a candidate, then necessarily it will be rung up him and will invite on interview. Only in case of the personal interest in-process exactly in a certain company, when it is exceptionally important to know about reasons of refuse and another possible variants of employment, it will be appropriate to call, set the questions after the dispatch of resume and know a decision on the candidature.

On the long-term experience of socializing with companies in Europe I can advise not to squander time on the human department of resources. Even if professional and skilled employees sit there, they hear the last about vacancies and at once place them in the Internet. Conclusion: it is necessary to find the coordinates of your future direct chief (it occupies plenty of time and requires some ingenuity) and catch his imagination the talents. He, in turn, will send Your resume in the human department of resources with a request to organize an interview, and, can, at once will offer meeting. For example, in our bank in London the chief of department asked all employees two month, whether they do not have the acquainted specialists on the analysis of telecommunication companies. And only despairing to find such man on the channels, he gave a request in the human department of resources, which here advertised in a newspaper. Here in these two months and it is necessary to send the resume to the chiefs. As the saying goes, to "be in the right place at the right time"!

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