Services of lawyer, advocate on economic businesses

Legal company "SOYAconsulting" offers legal services in a representative office in the economic court of any jurisdiction.

Lawyer, advocate of legal company "SOYAconsulting" carry out a representative office on economic businesses both physical and legal entities.

In all legal company "SOYAconsulting" employees besides lawyers, advocates specialized on an economic law on the whole :

  • a lawyer, advocate on the penalty of debt;
  • a lawyer, advocate on tax dispute;
  • a lawyer, advocate on dispute with supervisory organs;
  • a lawyer, advocate on dispute with local authorities;
  • a lawyer, advocate on confession of agreements of invalid;
  • a lawyer, advocate on bankruptcy.

The participants of relations in the field of management are management subjects, consumers, public authorities and organs of local self-government, provided with an economic competense, and also citizens, public and other organizations which come forward the founders of management subjects or carry out in relation to their organizationally-economic plenary powers on the basis of relations of property.

Under economic activity is understood activity of management subjects in the field of public production, sent to making and realization of products, implementation of works or grant of services of cost character, which have price definiteness.

Economic activity which comes true for the achievement of economic and social results and with the purpose of receipt of income is an enterprise, and business entities - by businessmen. Economic activity can come true and without the aim of receipt of income (noncommercial economic activity).

Representative office in a court on economic businesses the next stages enter, as a rule:

  • drafting of point (lawsuit, point of claim) of claim;
  • drafting of review on the point (review on a lawsuit) of claim;
  • drafting of appeal complaint (аppeals);
  • drafting of cassation (cassations);
  • a representative office in a county economic court;
  • a representative office in appeal economic court (appeal court);
  • a representative office in Higher Economic Court of Ukraine (court of cassation);
  • a representative office in Supreme Court of Ukraine (court of cassation).

Lawyers, advocates of legal company "SOYAconsulting", have a large experience in providing of legal services in presentation of interests in courts.

One of common of judicial spores on which legal services come true in a representative office in courts:

  • spores about the penalty of debt;
  • spores with tax organs;
  • spores about bankruptcy;
  • spores about confession of agreements invalid;
  • spores with local authorities.

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