Аssessment - testing of employees of firm ( psychological, professional portrait)


The estimation of personnel gives to Your company an opportunity:

  • to define the level of competence of employees and their accordance of position;
  • to plan a career and advancement of employees on service;
  • to plan transposition of shots taking into account potential of employees;
  • to choose the best candidate on vacant position;
  • to build the effective system of motivation and management a personnel;
  • to work out the adequate system of reward;
  • to educe strong and weak links in a collective;
  • to define intellectual potential of employees;
  • to estimate reliability of employees and promote business safety

A consulting company "SOYAconsulting" uses next methodologies of estimation of personnel (at choice client or coming from his tasks) :

  • Estimation of honesty and reliability of personnel : diagnostics of probability of feasance of official abuses, to propensity to the thefts, grafts, violations of discipline etc. (not polygraph!),
  • Business Personality Test (BPT) is a psychodynamic test, development of company ПрофРост. Allows to estimate not only the existent business internalss of employee but also to "glance in the future", educe his motive reasons and optimal methods of stimulation.
  • the structured evaluation interview on competenses;
  • test of MBTI : determination of sociological psycho of man and prognosis for business, example of report
  • estimation by the method of "Circles of competenses";
  • estimation of quality of service (a method is a "mysterious customer");
  • estimation of efficiency of specialists on sales,
  • MAPP - Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential is a motivational estimation of personality potential and level of motivation of man for work in certain professional areas, based on an analysis 72 professionally meaningful lines of personality. Worked out in demand of Department of Labour of the USA.
  • Thomas International. The system of Thomas is the system of estimation of personnel, which determines behavior of man in a working environment. One of the most widespread in the world instruments of management and estimation of personnel.

The complex of tests and other methodologies sneaks up under every concrete task. A question of correct choice of criteria and methodologies of estimation is key.

As a result of expert estimation Customer will get:

individual conclusion on every candidate/employee in writing. A conclusion will contain the detailed description of the investigated descriptions of personality corresponding to the set competenses and parameters of estimation, prognosis of efficiency in position and recommendation on motivation and optimal direction of professional denelopment.

The cost of services is determined individually depending on the tasks of client.

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